• 19.09.2016 English Classes Are Back In Session

    School is back in session and so are we!

    ZIP Institute is pleased to announce that it is again providing English classes for anyone and everyone!

    When? Starting the week of September 26th

    -2 hours per week

    Who is Teaching? A native English speaker and university professor in English language, and ZIP employee, Bettina Jones, will be teaching the sessions

    Who is it for? Any youth/adult who wants to improve his/her English proficiency in a relaxed, informal way with a native speaker.

    Where?ZIP Institute office

    What? Informal English courses, the content of which will be flexible and based on your needs and level -The courses will be practical and relaxed

    Why? You will learn English that will help you in your professional life. You will have easier and more accurate speaking, you will be able to understand native speakers, you will gain business communication abilities, practical writing skills in English, and the ability to read and comprehend more complex documents and articles.


    Register by emailing bettina@zipinstitute.mk and providing your availability on the following days: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday between 9am and 5pm