• 12.05.2016 Approval of a new project dedicated to the religious leaders in Macedonia

    The current topic of placing religious and ethnic symbols in public places, and abuse of religion and nation to achieve a certain political goal, with major emphasis on faith having in regard in mind that the sectarian population is divided into two major groups (Group 1 Orthodox: Macedonians, Serbs , Vlachs; Group 2 Muslims: Albanians, Turks, Roma, Macedonian Muslims and hence greater risk of divisions), thereby landfall social peace and tolerance. The abuse of the institutions of religion and ICM MOC indirect feeding of these religious officials in defense or attack a certain gesture of the other community, which is neither designed nor placed on their part, and the position of religious communities as defenders of certain emergency matters of policy.

    Goals of the project
    Strengthening the social peace through the establishment of good relations of field officers of confessions (Imams and Priests) readressing their role in public life and the correct transfer of messages in religious rituals (prayers and liturgies). We aim to open the Churches and Mosques to all citizens, with open days that we plan in the project, it will allow the destruction of prejudices, and the ability of believers to learn about the values of one religion and the being phisically in the the temples (Churches and Mosques).

    More details to follow soon…