Ongoing Projects

Ongoing-Fight Against Corruption

The overall goal of the project proposal is to encourage an anti-corruption culture among youth from vulnerable and marginalized communities and strengthen partnership with local authorities for equal services to all citizens in the Municipalities of Shuto Orizari, Saraj, Butel and Gazibaba.  This would be achieved through two major objectives;  (1) Cultivate an anti-corruption attitude among youth from vulnerable and marginalized communities through an all-inclusive civic educational program; (2) Strengthen partnership with local institutions for equal services to vulnerable and marginalized communities and coordinated efforts against corruption.

Duration: 12 months

Funded by: Federal Republic of Germany


Ongoing| Introducing social entrepreneurship in the work of NGOs in Macedonia
Ongoing|Мои пари, моја одговорност - Партиципативно буџетирање во општините во Македонија
Ongoing|Здружени – Различни - Претприемачи

Ongoing|Countering Violent Extremism Among Young People in Macedonia

Ongoing| Institutional Grant

Ongoing|Civil Diplomacy on Migration

Completed| Bojane Grapes Festival 2017

Completed|Protection of minorities and societal integration in the Republic of Macedonia

Completed | Joint forces for common interests

Completed | Who is really making the hiring decisions? The municipality or the political party?

Completed | Imam or priest? Whoever, just in the role of peace!

Completed | Facilitating integration of ethnic minorities into the labor market through enhancement of their employment potentials

Completed| Bojane Grapes Festival 2016

Completed | Воведување иновативност во работењето на граѓанските организации преку социјално претприемништво

Completed |Civil Diplomacy on Migration

Completed| FISCAST: Building capacity and tools for fiscal accountability, sustainability and transparency in Macedonia

Completed| Monitoring of the pre-electoral and electoral budget expenditure and political financing

Completed | Web Application Rate My Bar

Завршен|Креирање на зајакнувачки блокови за здравствено и инклузивно општество на младите Роми во Република Македонија

Completed | Greater participation – better policies and regulatives

Completed|Civil Democratic Development

Completed|Promoting Human Rights and Minority Protection

Завршен|Бива ли без книшка - механизми на вработување на локално ниво во Р. Македонија

Completed | OPRE!

Completed| Social Enterprising Europe – SEE

Completed | Promoting Social Business among Youth in Macedonia

Completed | Boosting Employability among Youth in Macedonia

Completed| Politics and Policy-Making at the Local Level (POL-LOC)