• Ready for 2016!

    ready-for-2016ZIP institute was selected to conduct a cost-benefit analysis on the financial supplements for the “third child” policy, within the project “FISCAST: Building capacity and tools for fiscal accountability, sustainability and transparency in Macedonia.” The project is aimed to improve the capacity of civil society and media to contribute to evidence-based economic dialogue in the country, enabling more participatory and transparent policymaking, with strong focus on fiscal policymaking; and, second, to increase the public awareness for the process of spending public money. The project is implemented by Finance Think NGO, supported by the British Embassy in Skopje.

    We are also proud to be selected for monitoring of expenditures by political parties in the pre-electoral and electoral process in the region of Skopje, covering the municipalities of Centar, Aerodrom and Gazi Baba. The project is aimed to monitor expenditures by the public administration and political parties during the pre-electoral and electoral process in April 2016. The implementation is being conducted by Transparency International Macedonia in collaboration with the Center for Economic Analyses – CEA, supported by the Embassy of the Netherlands in Macedonia.